Silks Banquet – Silks Catering

Prices are $153.00 per person for option1

$138.00 per person for option 2.

$125.00 for option 3.

$58.00 per child.

Minimum 200 guests.

Silks Banquet (option 1)

  • Suckling pig with jelly fish
  • Crab claw
  • Fish Maw Soup
  • Fresh half Australian lobster with noodles, served in a traditional ginger and shallot sauce
  • Twice cooked half quail seasoned in garlic and chilli
  • Steamed barramundi, served in a spring onion and traditional soy sauce
  • Fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf
  • Mango pudding / Creme Caramel (alternating).

Jasmine Banquet (option 2)

  • XO oysters and ginger shallot scallop (1 per person)
  • Duck salad
  • Crab and asparagus soup
  • Pepper beef (or black bean or XO)
  • Chicken ribs (3 per person)
  • Steamed barramundi, served with a spring onion and traditional soy sauce
  • Fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf
  • Seasonal fresh fruit

Executive Banquet (option 3)

  • Peking duck (2 per person)
  • Chicken and sweet corn soup
  • Seafood combination bird nest
  • Eye fillet steak (300 grams) and seasonalvegetables
  • Mixed berry Panna

Children’s Banquet

  • Chicken nuggets and chips
  • Crab claw
  • Fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf
  • Dessert of the day

Alternative selections (can be added or substituted at a cost)

  • Peking duck
  • Chinese prawn roll
  • Salt and pepper squid
  • Duck salad
  • Beef salad
  • San choy bow
  • Tempura scallops with salt and pepper
  • Abalone soup
  • Hot and sour soup
  • A pair of king prawns infused in tamarind sauce
  • Crispy skin chicken
  • Scallops in mixed vegetables
  • XO beef fillet with Chinese broccoli
  • Whole abalone and Chinese mushroom served in a traditional rich gravy
  • Lobster medallion with noodles
  • Half lobster mornay
  • Special fried rice
  • Salty fish fried rice
  • Taro pudding
  • Sago pudding
  • Silks petite dessert platter
  • Triple chocolate mousse
  • Wild berry cheesecake
  • Tiramisu
  • Sweet red bean with lotus seed

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