Chinese Banquet – Option 2 – Vi’s Classic Catering

Prices are $138.00 per person for Option 1 and $148.00 per person for Option 2.

$58.00 per child.

Minimum 200 guests.

Chinese Banquet (option 1)

  • Shredded duck salad platter
  • Vi’s crystal prawns
  • Supreme seafood soup
  • Fresh lobster with ginger and shallots
  • Vi’s classic spicy quails
  • Steamed live supreme coral trout
  • Cantonese special fried rice
  • Fresh fruit

Chinese Banquet (option 2)

  • Suckling pork platter
  • Vi’s crystal prawns/crab claw
  • Supreme seafood soup
  • Half a lobster with XO/garlic butter sauce
  • Vi’s classic roasted young pigeons
  • Fried coral trout with peking style
  • Cantonese special fried rice
  • Fresh fruit

Chinese Banquet Vegetarian

  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Rainbow soup
  • Spicy bean curd
  • Vi’s classic hairy melon
  • Roasted eggplant
  • Slice Abalone with oyster sauce
  • Cantonese vegetarian fried rice
  • Fresh fruit

Chinese Banquet for Children

  • Special spring rolls
  • Crystal prawns
  • Fried chicken
  • Sweet and sour pork in batter
  • Cantonese fried

Alternative Selections (can be substituted or added at cost)

  • Large king prawn salad
  • Western scallops with snow peas
  • Vi’s classic Cantonese eye fillet steak (served with crispy onion and sugar bean)
  • Golden crispy skin chicken
  • Whole Abalone with asparagus (subject for asparagus in season)
  • Treasure desserts

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